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Pumpkins? - by Benson - Swedish Design


If you have grown your own pumpkins, now is the perfect time to take care of them, before the cold comes. An easy way to find out if your pumpkins have matured is to tap them lightly. If it sounds hollow, they are ripe. If they have not had time to mature, they can do so indoors without problems.
I love topping my breakfast porridge with pumpkin seeds. It's super easy to roast your own, have you tried it?

This is how I usually do;
Set the oven to 175°. Rinse the pumpkin seeds in water. Mix pumpkin seeds, a little oil, salt and any spices in a bowl.
Then pour out the pumpkin seeds on a sheet of parchment paper. Try to make sure that the pumpkin seeds do not overlap too much, then they will not be as crunchy. Stir a couple of times so they don't burn. Roast for 20-30 minutes. The seeds are ready when they have acquired a golden brown color.

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