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Water hose in fabric - by Benson - Swedish Design

Water hose in fabric

Water hoses. The word actually makes you think of something clumsy, plastic and annoying. Hoses that curl up where they shouldn't, that burst and leak... No thanks, we say. There are better ones, and less plastic saves our environment too! The best thing about textile water hoses is that they expand, and therefore take less space. They are also much better looking.

Our water hoses are made of durable fabric on the outside, with a soft latex hose inside. The water hoses come in two different colo
rs, black and natural. My personal favourite is definitely natural, as the color fits in so well with everything. It blends in with the house and it certainly lives up to its name and looks, well, natural. The water hoses are available in 15 m, 25 m and 50 m lengths and are only one third of this length without water pressure! Convenient when you need to store the hose. No more cracked and annoying plastic hoses for us, and we can only recommend that you try it for yourself. We don't think you'll regret it.


  • Posted by Lassaussois on

    J’aime beaucoup vos tuyaux d arrosage qui sont chics
    Est ce que la membrane en caoutchouc et resistante quand elle est sous pression ?

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