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About by Benson

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes... | by Benson - Swedish Design

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes...

When the potato leaves have grown to about 10-15 cm in height, it is a good time to "cup" the potatoes. This means that you push up soil around the tops from both sides. In this way, the potatoes do not end up too shallow. My hoe is perfect for this job. I also usually put grass clippings from th...
Water while it is raining! | by Benson - Swedish Design

Water while it is raining!

Did you know that the water penetrates deeper if you water while it is raining? The roots of the plant then seek their way down and in the long run you get a plant that is more efficient at absorbing water. The best time to water is in the morning. If you water in the middle of the day, thirty pe...
Planting tomatoes | by Benson - Swedish Design

Planting tomatoes

Depending on where you live it varies when it's time to plant your young tomato plants. In the Nordic April/May and South of Europe you can do it already in March. Whenever you do - carefully accustom them to the sun, otherwise the leaves will burn easily. Plant your tomato plants in large pots a...
All about planting your pea plants | by Benson - Swedish Design

All about planting your pea plants

When planting out the plants, choose a sunny and warm place to grow, peas love heat! Plant the plants in deep dug and nutritious soil. Avoid sandy and muddy soils. Use my little spade when planting.Give your pea plants a mild dose of nutrition throughout the summer, about every ten days.At midsum...
Eat stinging nettles? | by Benson - Swedish Design

Eat stinging nettles?

Have you tried using stinging nettles in your cooking? A weed that is packed with vitamins and that is at the top of the list of most useful plants in our garden. Now is the perfect time to pick the thin shoots, before the nettle has had time to grow and become large and woody. Use our soft Glove...
CPH Garden, Copenhagen | by Benson - Swedish Design

CPH Garden, Copenhagen

June 30 - 3 July CPH Garden is Denmark's largest garden fair. 4 days with over 100 different speakers, 8 unique show gardens designed by selected garden designers for the occasion, garden experiences, beautiful stands and much more.  We hope to see you there! Read more here
It's time for potatoes... | by Benson - Swedish Design

It's time for potatoes...

I love potatoes! It’s simple to grow and home-grown always tastes best. When it’s about 8 degrees in the soil, it’s the perfect time to put out the potatoes. Make a groove about 10 cm deep with the spade. Our Spade Deluxe is of course perfect for that. As well as the Hoe Deluxe. Leave about 25 cm...
It's time to prepare... | by Benson - Swedish Design

It's time to prepare...

When the soil has dried up enough and no longer sticks to the blade of the shovel when you dig, then it's time to start! Start by improving the soil of the existing soil by mulching cow manure or chicken manure. If the soil is compact and hard, it is good to turn over compost or bark soil, to get...
How to know when the time is right... | by Benson - Swedish Design

How to know when the time is right...

When you can drive our Barrow over the lawn, without leaving a trace, then you know that the lawn has dried up after the winter and it has become time to clean. Rake away leaves, twigs and other debris with our practical Leaf Rake Deluxe and fill the Barrow up. Also take the opportunity to fertil...
Hagemessen | by Benson - Swedish Design


Hagemessen is Norway's largest arena for inspiration and business for garden and outdoor spaces. Thousands of square meters full of inspiration, knowledge and bargains.There is a lot to look forward to at the Garden Fair 22 - 24 April! Visit our stand D03:05 Read more here
Attracting butterflies, bees and bumblebees to your garden | by Benson - Swedish Design

Attracting butterflies, bees and bumblebees to your garden

Both butterflies and bees bring your garden to life, and provide additional beautiful displays of color. Bees and bumblebees are also beneficial insects, and play an important part in our ecosystems through their pollination. A vibrant garden is a happy garden, and in return for your vibrant and...
Water hose in fabric | by Benson - Swedish Design

Water hose in fabric

Water hoses. The word actually makes you think of something clumsy, plastic and annoying. Hoses that curl up where they shouldn't, that burst and leak... No thanks, we say. There are better ones, and less plastic saves our environment too! The best thing about textile water hoses is that they e...
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