I was twelve when I started in the business. Over the years I learnt much about the products that is necessary for the Christmas tree. These items is therefore created with a lot of knowledge and passion.

And I am very happy to present this fantastic collection 2020.

Christmas - By Benson



It’s trendy to hide the Christmas tree stand in a large basket.
These are all suitable for Christmas tree and/or pine /spruce rice.
The basket SMART is suiteable for Stand Deluxe.
All baskets are equipped with plastic inside.




You may not want an ugly one?
Here is the “Nice Christmas Sweaters” in five different colors; chalk, grafit, red, green and saffron.

The material is 100% organic cotton and the quality is fantastic. You don’t want to be without. And surely you are running to win the competition at the Christmas party anyway. As “Good Looking Christmas Sweater”.

285 – 395 kr



Delicious handmade rug in jute. Best quality like breathing luxury. A nice edge in thicker fabric. Gathers your possible barrels and facilitates the care of the Christmas tree as well as protects the floor. In addition, it frames in nicely and gives an exclusive and embellished impression. 100 cm in diameter.



Christmas tree, cinnamon or a winter apple. All fragrances associated with a fantastic Christmas feeling. The musty scent spreads a real Christmas feeling from morning to evening throughout the home.

100% Soy Wax. 250 gram. 50 hours burning time.



Avoid dragging and dragging. We deliver the wood directly to your door.

The finest firewood (birch) from the forest in Småland. Packed in a delicious way so that you can advantageously have the bag in front. Leather strap in nature.

Certificated by FSC and PEFC.


The most environmentally friendly way to light your fire! The tree cones comes from Ingelsmåla farm, which is peacefully located in the middle of the forests of Småland.

Dipped in vegetable wax from olives. Paraffin free.

DOC - By Benson



All these docks. All these dilapidated houses.

“Nature” has so much to offer. Without having to produce new.
I create from what has been.



I like to play around with the words.
And “dock” means jetty and it’s the old jetties that I make a lot of the products from.

One of the very first tables that I made was a desk for my country house. And that’s why it became “Doctable”. And so it got to be. A table, shelf, bench or something on which you can also place documents.

ART - By Benson








“To touch”

My sense of emotions.

Ceramics - SQUARE

Assigned to create a ceramic series for Gerbera.


I love my clients and partners – below you’ll find some of them.