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About by Benson

by Benson creates beautiful, stylish and functional products. At the same time, we show concern for our environment and the world around us. The packaging is made of recycled paper and plastic is used as little as possible. Quality, function, design and sustainability are the values that makes us special.In total by Benson has 180 products, divided in two collections Garden and Christmas. 2022 by Benson won the award "The Garden Product of the Year".
The company is founded and owned by Anna Benson.
by Benson sells products worldwide and has over 250 retailers.

The Story


First product

The Christmas Tree Stand Deluxe was created for the company Smålandsgran and became the most sold Christmas Tree Stand in Sweden. Also the Christmas Tree Bag was invented this year.


Christmas Collection

Rugs, gift bags and more Christmas tree stands was added to the collection. And by Benson started to get brand awareness in Sweden.

2019 - Oct


Sweden's renowned and credible retailer Designtorget decides to start selling by Benson in all stores all over Sweden. Later on the same year also renowned Posh Living starts to sell by Benson.


Turnover of 100 000 €

The company grows and reaches a turnover of 100 000 €.


80 Products

The Christmas Collection grows and in total there are around 80 different products now.

2020 - Oct

First Agent

Signing the first agent representing the brand. Today the company have agents on many markets worldwide.



The pandemic has a big effect and many retailers starts to sell by Benson during the year due to a high demand, such as Åhléns in 54 stores, Bygghemma, different garden and concept stores.


Turnover 250 000 € +

Reaching a turnover of more than 250 000 €.

2020 - Jan

NK & Design House Stockholm

NK (Nordiska Galleriet) starts to sell by Benson as well as Design House Stockholm in Båstad, Sweden.

2021 - April

New website

Launching the new website. The first order was 3 x Christmas Tree bags to Eskilstuna, Sweden. In 2 months the sales was record-breaking of 50 000 €.

2021 - April

Garden Collection

Launching the garden collection with around 80 products. A big success from day 1.

2021 - July

Entering Norway

Signing with agents in Norway opens up the Norwegian market that has a high demand. The first order was a hose, connector and spraygun sent to a client in Moss. Retailers like Bolina starts to sell by Benson.

2021 - Sep

First Fair

Attending the first fair with our own stand. The stand is designed in two weeks and actually with spikes as hangers. Today by Benson attends the biggest fairs in the world such as Maison & Objet, Spoga+Gafa, Ambiente, Intergift, Nordstil, Formex and many more. The stand got some updates.



Marketplaces becomes an important sales channel and during this year by Benson signs with Ellos, H&M Home, Fruugo, Fair, Ankorstore and more.



Due to the pandemic and its lockdowns and the vessel that blocked all the traffic in the Suez Canal this was a year of delays.


100 retailers

More than 100 retailers sells by Benson worldwide in concept stores and garden centers.


Turnover of 650 000 €

The company grows a lot with many new clients and reaches a turnover of 650 000 €.

2022 - March

US Retailer

First retailer in the US starts to sell by Benson. Full collection of garden tools ships to a store in New Hampshire.


"The Garden Product of the Year"

The bestseller watering hose was awarded the garden product of the year in Sweden. It was also nominated in Norway and Denmark.


Sold out

Due to the awards and the big attention in media, the demand is huge and many of the products were sold out. Some in 24h after the first award. The stock levels were refilled as soon as it was possible.


200 Retailers

More than 200 retailers sells by Benson worldwide in concept stores and garden centers.


180 products

The develop never stops.


Posting influencers

Already more than 150 influencers has posted about by Benson in their channels.


Turnover of 750 000 €

The company continues to expand and enters more markets in Europe.


Sold 100 000 products

Our products are sold worldwide and in the hands of customers around the globe.


H&M Home - Europe

In march 2023 H&M Home launched by Benson in concept stores around the world such as Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam, Oslo, Berlin, Copenhagen, Zurich, Geneva, Milano and more.

2023 - April

Japan enters the market

First B2B client from Japan starts selling the brand.

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