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I think I was two when I held my first hack. The work gloves came much later. Way too big, of course. We were going to pick stones. We have been farmers for generations. Cucumbers and strawberries. And Christmas trees. The strawberries in particular had grown enormously. The crops themselves. And of course we children helped. They were perfect summer jobs in my childhood.
I grew up in the countryside in Småland. On a big farm. And mum and dad had and still have a burning interest in greenery. When it grows. And they are both gifted with green fingers, with both flower shops and plantations under their belts. They know the difference between a pruner and a secateur. And a shovel and a spade. And yes, my fingers are probably pretty "green" too. I live among lemons, vines and tomatoes in my beloved Spain. The lettuce beds in my wine boxes are probably the ones I'm most proud of. Growing and watching things grow is one of the greatest pleasures I know.
But then I'm a creator too. An artist's soul. And that has to sync up. Be beautiful to the eye. The peace and harmony. And I remember when I had just planted the last beautiful green, slightly greyish hakona grass together with the spearwort by my hot tub on the terrace back in Stockholm, facing Gröna Lund. So incredibly beautiful. All that green and the grey, weathered cedar synchronised with the water and the Djurgården ferries. But the water.
Well, that's just it. I refused to install any bright red or orange, or for that matter blue or yellow plastic tubing amidst all the beauty. And that's where the idea for my hoses was born. The stylish, sleek, functional ones that will interact with the other natural elements around them. Harmonize. And be as damn stylish as you've never seen hoses before.
And that's the way it is.
From my "DOC" series, which comes from the English word "Dock" and means bridge, I have taken inspiration for the "greyish" wood of ash that appears in all the handles of the tools in "Garden by Benson". A sense of time, quality and knowledge. A sense of reuse far from the plasticky, garish, consuming "new".
I don't want it that way.
I want to feel that hack in my hand again ten years later. And again and again. The focus on quality and function is therefore, as always, very high. And the combination with the "beautiful" to the eye becomes this
- with knowledge from my fathers and the expertise around me along with experience. I hope you like it.
  1. Vattenslang Deluxe - Svart - by Benson - Swedish Design
  2. Vattenslang Deluxe - Set - by Benson - Swedish Design
  3. Krankoppling - by Benson - Swedish Design
  4. Slanghängare - by Benson - Swedish Design
  5. Hose Deluxe - Natur
  6. Hose Organizer
  7. Slangkoppling Basic - by Benson - Swedish Design
  8. Sekatör - Exclusive - by Benson - Swedish Design
  9. Vattenkanna - Premium - by Benson - Swedish Design
  10. Barrow Deluxe
  11. Leaf Rake Deluxe
  12. Sekatör - Basic - by Benson - Swedish Design
  13. Handredskap - Set - by Benson - Swedish Design
  14. Rake Deluxe