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"My way of creating and working" - by Benson - Swedish Design

"My way of creating and working"

Quality, function, design and sustainability are the values ​​that permeate my way of creating and working.

Throughout, especially in the Garden series, there is a sense of recycling far from the plastic, screaming, consuming "new". I do not want it that way. I want to feel that pick in my hand again ten years later. And again and again. The focus on quality and function is, as always, very high in my products.

And the combination with the "beautiful" for the eye. The stylish, stylish, functional that should interact with the other natural elements around. Harmonize. In colors that blend in. In a material that has been longed for.

For example, that is why I have chosen ash in the handles of my products. Ash has a nice grayish tone, is a hardy tree species and ages beautifully. Ash is a relatively light addition which is good when used for work tools. Therefore, many of the garden tools are extremely extremely easy and simple to work with, without you getting tired.

In addition to my ambition that it is neat, functional and qualitative, I try to take into account and show consideration for our environment and the world around us.

The packaging is made of recycled paper and plastic is used as little as possible. Unfortunately, there are too many players today who use environmentally harmful plastics to a large extent. The environment needs the help of us all!
The product range is expanded and replenished with new self-designed products frequently. Actually, as soon as I experience a need and demand, not least in myself, in something that does not exist. Then I start sketching just that.

If you are missing something, can you email me here?

For me, designing is inspiration when it is at its best. My ambition is to always produce quality products that I like. Hopefully we are two who like.

Tags: Anna Benson

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