"Quality, function and design in one tool"

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"Quality, function and design in one tool" - by Benson - Swedish Design

"Quality, function and design in one tool"

Meet one of our retailers
“It is not always so easy to figure out which garden tools you really need in your garden. The range can be huge in the garden shops and if you have recently "joined the garden", it can be tricky as a customer to know which tools are a good foundation in gardening.

At Blekingeplantan we have chosen to sell by Bensons Garden series because it includes exactly the tools we see that the customer demands the most for their gardening. In addition to a complete tool series, it is above all the design that distinguishes Benson's Garden products, compared to other brands. Here, the customer finally finds quality, function and design in one and the same tool. This is something we have been missing!

The beautiful ash stalks, the matte black metals, suddenly make up a beautiful detail in the garden. Now the shovel can remain in front, leaning against the house wall next to the urn with fragrant lavender.

The secateur - my best friend!
The secateurs are my absolute friend in the garden. Whether I'll just cut a few dahlias, my wild peach tree or give myself over to a bushy creeper, a good secateurs makes the job easy. A good secateurs should lie right in the hand, it must not be too big and heavy so that I lose grip and strength when I mow. It should be comfortable and comfortable to work with.

Characteristic of a good secateurs I also think is that it is sharp and cuts sharp and clean cuts. by Benson's secateurs have side inserts (the cutting blades pass each other as on ordinary scissors). This enables a clean and fine precision cut and limits the risk of damage and disease to the bush / tree. The built-in shock absorption in the secateurs also makes the cut soft and kind to my wrists.

Another personal favorite in the series is by Benson's shovel. It has everything I want from a shovel! The pointed blade makes it easy for me to dig in ordinary topsoil. The comfort is perfect and I get good soil with me. Still, it is the weight of the shovel that is the most wonderful thing about it. With its neat 1.4kg, digging becomes so much easier and more fun! Even when the soil is wet and heavy.

Maybe I was the happiest when I got to see by Benson's Garden Suit. A single garment to jump in. No seams that chafe, nothing that fits, no matter how I twist and turn in the garden. Practical with its reinforced knees and in such a comfortable design. One of each color is a must! (It must be admitted that I also pulled it on, completely naked underneath and threw myself on the couch to eat chocolate. It works for that too.)

We have also received a fantastic response from our customers on by Benson's Christmas series. Stylish and functional Christmas tree feet are not easy to find on the market. Different kinds of spruces require different types of feet and by Benson's Christmas tree feet are each developed after a solid knowledge of spruces. It was so easy and fun to offer customers the right kind of Christmas tree base for their choice of spruce! Balls, Christmas tree rugs and tinsel complemented the whole.

by Benson's products will never be shelf heaters.”

Hanna Jurjaks, Blekingeplantan

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