Winner - Garden Product of the Year – by Benson - Swedish Design

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Winner - Garden Product of the Year - by Benson - Swedish Design

Winner - Garden Product of the Year

It is with great pride that we can say that by Benson won the title of Garden Product of the Year in Sweden. It is our innovative water hose Deluxe that was charming the jury. It is a bestseller and there are many customers who say that it really gives a wow feeling to use the water hose. It is very light and expands when you water. Of course, it is also very nice.

"The garden product is chorused and will adorn many gardens during the season. The designed water hose from by Benson stands out with an idea and product design that enhances the aesthetics while the product is understandable and functional."

"Winning the Garden Product of the Year award feels extremely big for us! I'm completely taken and it's hard to put it into words right now. The profit is proof that what we are doing is right. I and the whole team are so happy and grateful. This means so much to us, says Anna Benson, founder of by Benson.

- We launched the entire garden collection less than a year ago and we are completely taken by the response and attention the collection, and not least the water hose, has received. This means that it is not just me who has longed for functionality, design, quality and sustainability in one, Anna continues."

Jury nomination
"With a functional design and an appealing design, the water hose is Deluxe from by Benson Garden Product of the Year. The hose has a great advantage in terms of weight as it is very light and also easy to handle. It takes up less space as it without water pressure is only about a third of the length that the hose gets when it is time for watering at normal water pressure. The water hose is made of durable textile and inside there is a hose in latex. Available in three lengths up to 50 meters and in two discreet colors. A hose that will hopefully be able to be used for many years in the garden."

Background Elmia Garden Award - Garden Product of the Year
The Elmia Garden Award is an award that highlights new and innovative products in the horticultural industry. The purpose of the Garden Product of the Year is to show the creativity and product development that takes place in the garden industry. Elmia Garden gives companies, both large and small, the chance to show their contributions to a wider audience.

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