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Garden hack: Pumpkins - by Benson - Swedish Design

Garden hack: Pumpkins

How I love autumn! The high air, the saturated colors and the stillness that settles over the garden. I collect a bunch of small decorative pumpkins in different shapes and colors. Filling my basket and arranging it at the entrance. 

Pumpkins are great for decorating both outside and inside now in October.
Before I place them, I usually wash them with water and a little vinegar, in case they are dirty. A tip is to wash a little extra carefully around the shaft attachment. If dirt has accumulated there, the pumpkin rots easily.
If you place the pumpkins outside, remember that they are sensitive to frost. If you want your pumpkins to last a long time, bring them in at night when there is a risk of night frost. Otherwise, they become soft and rot immediately.
Use my Basket S to have beautiful pumpkins in. It fits perfectly.




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