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Grow garlic! - by Benson - Swedish Design

Grow garlic!

Plant garlic (Allium sativum) now during October-November and harvest large bulbs next summer. Garlic is so easy to grow and I think the taste differs significantly between the one I grow myself and the one bought in the store.
Choose a place where the soil is loose and rich in loam, and feel free to mix in compost before you start planting. Divide the garlic and plant each cleft separately, about 10 cm deep and about 15 cm apart.. Use our small hand spade when planting and our comfortable Basic gloves. In the spring, when the blast looks up, I start watering and fertilizing. It's a nice flavor in the blast too, try cutting some into a salad. When the blast starts to turn yellow and wilt, I know the bulbs are ripe.

Right now I grow most of it in raised beds and this year I put the garlic together with my strawberry plants. Do you know why?

Well, the garlic keeps mites and snails away and also they don't compete for space. The garlic has an upright growth habit and I will put it in the center of the grow bed. The strawberries have a creeping habit and I want to let them run along the edges. It will be extra easy for my daughter Liv. 🖤


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