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Om by Benson

Pumpkins? - by Benson - Swedish Design


If you have grown your own pumpkins, now is the perfect time to take care of them, before the cold comes. An easy way to find out if your pumpkins have matured is to tap them lightly. If it sounds hollow, they are ripe. If they have not had time to mature, they can do so indoors without problems....
Pumpkin soup - Recipe - by Benson - Swedish Design

Pumpkin soup - Recipe

Do you have pumpkins left over? Make the best soup of the fall!The orange pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) is a fantastic ingredient if you want to try making an example and heating good pumpkin soup for dinner.A ripe pumpkin makes a hollow sound when tapped. When you split it, you can also feel a slight...
Start a compost pile! - by Benson - Swedish Design

Start a compost pile!

Get access to self-made compost soil, full of microorganisms. A fantastic soil amendment and nutrient that the plants and the garden can reuse. Your own cycle. Here's how to get started:Choose a shady spot for your compost.At the bottom you have twigs and thicker stems.Then alternate with leaves,...
Take care! - by Benson - Swedish Design

Take care!

Gardening becomes more fun and more efficient with clean gardening tools.Many of you worked in your gardens with our beautiful tools this year and we are so proud of that!Our tools are carefully designed to age nicely over time but take a beating if left outdoors for too long.Now is a good time t...
Garden hack: Pumpkins - by Benson - Swedish Design

Garden hack: Pumpkins

How I love autumn! The high air, the saturated colors and the stillness that settles over the garden. I collect a bunch of small decorative pumpkins in different shapes and colors. Filling my basket and arranging it at the entrance. Pumpkins are great for decorating both outside and inside now i...
Garden hack: Raspberry plants - by Benson - Swedish Design

Garden hack: Raspberry plants

Once you've picked your raspberry plants, it's fine to prune them. Cut the shoots that have borne fruit completely. Use Secateur Exclusive when mowing. The others that have not borne fruit are so-called annual shoots, which may bear fruit next summer. Leave these, about 10-15 per plant. It's so b...
Grow garlic! - by Benson - Swedish Design

Grow garlic!

Plant garlic (Allium sativum) now during October-November and harvest large bulbs next summer. Garlic is so easy to grow and I think the taste differs significantly between the one I grow myself and the one bought in the store.Choose a place where the soil is loose and rich in loam, and feel fre...
If you fertilize in the fall... - by Benson - Swedish Design

If you fertilize in the fall...

Did you know that if you fertilize in the fall with a low-nitrogen fertilizer, you help your garden increase its frost resistance, so that the plants can cope with the winter better? When you fertilize in the fall, you also improve bud formation, which results in better flowering and fruiting nex...
Dream of next spring... - by Benson - Swedish Design

Dream of next spring...

Plant spring flowering bulbs and dream of next spring! Small bulbs such as crocus and snowdrops do well to get into the soil quickly, so they don't lie around and dry. Are you unsure when to plant bulbs, how deep into the soil they should be? Our small spade with measuring stick punched into the ...
How to water the lawn... - by Benson - Swedish Design

How to water the lawn...

A lawn's roots develop best if it gets a lot of water on a couple of occasions, than if it gets little water often. Water twice a week, 10-15 minutes each time. Use our classic model water dispenser. Oscillating movement pattern, continuously adjustable throw length and with 17 water holes, it su...
Best month for planting! - by Benson - Swedish Design

Best month for planting!

September is the best month for planting! The earth is warm after a long summer. The humidity is high and the sun doesn't burn as hard. The plants you plant can calmly establish themselves in their new place. When digging deep, a pointed spade is the best thing to have handy, so you really get do...
Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes... - by Benson - Swedish Design

Potatis, potatis, potatis...

När potatisbladen blivit ca 10-15 cm på höjden är det ett bra tillfälle att "kupa" potatisen. Det innebär att man trycker upp jord runt topparna från båda sidor. På så sätt hamnar inte potatisen för grunt. Min hur är perfekt för det här jobbet. Jag brukar också lägga gräsklipp från gräsmattan run...
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