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It is not always easy to figure out what garden tools you really need in your garden. The range can be huge in the garden shops and if you have recently "joined the garden", it can be tricky to know which tools are a good basis for gardening.

We've done that job for you.

Here are the most common garden tools. Selected and developed in collaboration with some of the country's foremost gardeners. For you to get the best. Finally, quality, function and design in one tool.

Suddenly, the garden tools are a beautiful detail in the garden. Now the shovel can remain in front, leaning against the house wall next to the urn with fragrant lavender.

The ash wood in all wooden products is carefully selected because it is durable, ages beautifully and is relatively light material. Therefore, many of the tools are also extra light.

  1. Barrow Deluxe
  2. Leaf Rake Deluxe
  3. Rake Deluxe
  4. Spade Deluxe - by Benson - Swedish Design
  5. Häcksax - Deluxe - by Benson - Swedish Design
  6. Grensåg - Premium - by Benson - Swedish Design
  7. Bow Saw Deluxe
  8. Skyffel Deluxe - by Benson - Swedish Design
  9. Hacka Deluxe - by Benson - Swedish Design
  10. Grensax Teleskopisk - Deluxe - by Benson - Swedish Design
  11. Sågblad Bågsåg Deluxe - 2-pack - by Benson - Swedish Design
  12. Grep Deluxe - by Benson - Swedish Design