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I think I was two when I held my first pick.
Farmers, we have been for generations. I grew up in the country in Småland.
Growing and seeing things grow is one of the greatest pleasures I know.
From my series “DOC” I have taken inspiration for the “grayish” type of wood box that reappears in all the handles on the tools. But also carefully selected because it is durable, ages beautifully and relatively light material. Therefore, many of the tools are also extra light. A sense of time, quality and knowledge. A sense of recycling far from the plastic, screaming, consuming "new". I do not want it that way.
I want to feel that pick in my hand again ten years later. And again and again.
The focus on quality and function is therefore, as always, very high.
And the combination with the "beautiful" for the eye becomes this - with knowledge from my fathers and the expertise around me along with experience.
*** Selected and developed in collaboration with some of the country's foremost gardeners. ***
  1. Sekatör - Exclusive - by Benson - Swedish Design
  2. Sekatör - Basic - by Benson - Swedish Design
  3. Handredskap - Set - by Benson - Swedish Design
  4. Hakke
  5. Planteringsspade - by Benson - Swedish Design
  6. Ogräsrensare - by Benson - Swedish Design
  7. Spade - by Benson - Swedish Design
  8. Kultivator - by Benson - Swedish Design