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  • ✓ Darmowa dostawa powyżej 1 000 PLN
  • ✓ 1 rok gwarancji
  • ✓ Szwedzki design, funkcjonalność i trwałość
  • ✓ Kup teraz, zapłać później z Klarna
  • ✓ Dostawa od 1 do 3 dni na całym świecie
Take care! - by Benson - Swedish Design

Take care!

Gardening becomes more fun and more efficient with clean gardening tools.
Many of you worked in your gardens with our beautiful tools this year and we are so proud of that!
Our tools are carefully designed to age nicely over time but take a beating if left outdoors for too long.
Now is a good time to tinker with them.
Brush and rinse off dried clay and allow the tools to air dry.
Small rust stains can be gently polished off with fine-grained steel wool. Feel free to lubricate the metal with an oil afterwards.
We recommend lubricating the wooden shaft with a vegetable oil. Allow the oil to sink in for a while and then wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.
Empty the watering can of water and any plant parts that could clog the holes in the strainer.

The water hose must be completely drained of water before you roll it up.

Store your tools in a dry environment, preferably neatly hung for a good overview.
Are you missing something? Good to supplement with new now and be ready when spring comes.

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