Get rid of unwanted weeds without pesticides

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Get rid of unwanted weeds without pesticides - by Benson - Swedish Design

Get rid of unwanted weeds without pesticides

Maintaining your garden in pristine condition is important to many, and it can often feel just as important to avoid all kinds of pesticides. Staying environmentally friendly means a little more work, but also a high sense of achievement in your garden! First of all, it's essential to make sure you have the right tools, equipment and protective clothing. Weeds such as thistles and nettles are far from comfortable to deal with and avoiding damage and wear and tear to your own body is paramount.

Secateurs - Ideal for pruning, cutting bushes and smaller branches on trees. Also works great for thicker stems on flowers. Our secateurs have sideways blades and give a clean and fine cut while the secateurs do not strain your wrists. Our secateurs also feature a beautiful ash wood handle that ensures the secateur stays beautiful year after year, as it ages with class.

Hoe - Perfect for making sure the soil is in good condition so your plants thrive and aren't pushed away by weeds. Our hoes are available for both smaller projects such as a small flower bed and in larger sizes (which are absolutely perfect for hoeing potatoes!). Like the secateurs, the hoes have beautiful ash wood handles which also means that the weight is light and you can avoid wear and tear on muscles due to overly heavy tools.

Weed whacker - Helps to get difficult roots up as weeds like to get firmly established in the ground. Saves on your hands and strength! Our handy weeder comes in a size of 31.5 x 1.7 cm and is both handy and lightweight. Of course in beautiful ash wood.

Cultivator - Tears up the roots of weeds and loosens the soil to let air in. A cultivator is almost irreplaceable and an essential part of gardening as it helps you save on strength and energy. Our cultivator naturally follows the aforementioned gardening tools and has a beautiful ash wood handle, made to last a long time.

So to avoid weeds, where do you start?
First and foremost, make sure all weeds and even the roots are cleared before planting new plants. The roots of weeds (depending on the variety) can go really deep and if you miss some, the weeds are sure to come back. It's hard work, but with good use of a cultivator, hoe and possibly a spade, you'll go far!

Once the weeds are cleared you can plant as normal, but be sure to come back after a while to weed out any weeds that grow from seed and will thrive in your finely tilled soil. Then carefully weeding out any hint of weeds as soon as they appear will be good in the long run as it will give your planted plants time and space to spread out and get a proper foothold in your bed. You can also use mulch or a ground cloth to prevent weeds from successfully growing.

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