Clothes and protection for gardening – by Benson - Swedish Design

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Clothes and protection for gardening - by Benson - Swedish Design

Clothes and protection for gardening

Gardens are generally incredibly beautiful, but they can also pose hidden hazards. Like everything else in the world, plants want to be left alone to grow and thrive. This may mean that the plant in question has a protective mechanism against being eaten or purged, such as poison or thorns.

Since the garden should be a peaceful and harmonious place, it is essential to have the right protective clothing, both to protect your skin from possible toxins, stings and to protect your everyday clothes from staining plant juices and soil stains. Of course, your gardening clothing should also be comfortable and not overly warm, using materials that ensure your skin gets plenty of air despite being covering, while the materials are durable and can withstand most gardening activities.

Our garden clothing is available in two beautiful colours, Stone and Potato, and is made from a very durable material consisting of 28% linen, 33% polyester and 39% rayon. Stone is a harmonious dark colour and Potato is a gentle and beautiful beige. The gardening clothing is equipped with proper pockets and substantial but flexible reinforcements around the knees and elbows, which usually take the most damage when gardening. Our gardening clothing also has handy knee pads that you can put on and take off yourself to ensure that you always have maximum freedom in your clothing. We recommend ordering one size larger of the gardening clothing to minimise the risk of it pinching anywhere as all bodies are built differently.

Another important part of your garden clothing should always be gloves, as your hands are your main tool in the garden. A pair of proper gardening gloves will reduce the risk of wear and tear such as blisters and damage from poisonous plant juices or thorns. Our garden gloves come in a Basic and a Deluxe version, the difference being the grip and the material. Which gardening glove you choose depends entirely on which variety you prefer. Basic is made of 100% soft and airy cotton with smooth rubber grip tabs and Deluxe is made of exclusive, durable calfskin and cotton sateen. Both of our garden gloves are washable, so your hands will always feel clean and fresh.

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