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About us

by Benson's way of working - our concept

Quality, function, design and sustainability are the values that permeate my way of creating and working.
by Benson creates beautiful, stylish and functional products. At the same time, we take into account and show concern for our environment and the world around us.
The packaging is made of recycled paper and plastic is used as little as possible.
Unfortunately, there are too many players today who use environmentally harmful plastics to a large extent.
The environment needs the help of us all!

Anna Benson

by Benson is founded by the entrepreneur Anna Benson who runs several companies.
She mainly works as a designer, artist, author and CEO.

Anna's passion is to be creative. Whether it's a new business, a canvas or books. Creating is her therapy. Her art has been very successful over the years and Anna has sold out countless exhibitions, including in Miami.

She grew up in Småland with a father who was one of Sweden's largest Christmas tree growers.
As a 12-year-old, she sold her first Christmas trees in Stockholm.
Since then, interest in spruces has continued, and she is the founder and CEO of Smålandsgran.
At the same time, she is reaping success with her brand by Benson, which is represented by several of the most reputable retailers in Sweden.

Anna has a great passion for using old materials and creating from the old.
The "DOC" series is endless. She creates from what has been. As soon as there is time.

Anna has so far written 10 books, several of which have won prizes. Read more about Anna here.

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