Anna Benson is an entrepreneur and runs several companies.

Mainly she works as a designer, artist and writer. Anna’s passion is to be creative. Whether it’s a new business, a canvas or books. To create is her therapy.

She has assignments with different clients for her design such as Markslöjd, Designtorget, Åhlens, Posh Living, Gerbera, Smålandsgran and else.

Her art has been very successful during the years and Anna sold out countless exhibitions.

Anna grew up in Småland with a father who is one of Sweden’s largest
Christmas tree growers. As a 12-year-old, she sold her first Christmas trees in Stockholm. Since then, interest in the spruce has persisted, and today she is the owner and CEO of Smålandsgran, the Granbutiken in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo and very successful with her brand By Benson.

Anna has a great passion for utilizing old material and creating from the old. The ”DOC” series is endless. She creates from what has been.

Also she has written 10 books so far.

For contact please send an email to


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