Choose the correct Christmas Tree Stand – by Benson - Swedish Design

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Choose the correct Christmas Tree Stand - by Benson - Swedish Design

Choose the correct Christmas Tree Stand

I grow up among Christmas trees in the deepest forest of Småland, in the south of Sweden. My father has been selling and producing Christmas trees since 1973.
I was twelve when I started in the business and I am, among other things, the founder of Smålandsgran, the largest Christmas tree company in Sweden.
Over the years, I have learned a lot about the products that are necessary for the Christmas tree. These products are therefore created with a lot of knowledge and passion.
Amount of water
The base is the Christmas tree stand and it is very important it's the correct one suitable for your tree. All trees are different but I created stands that can suits all kind of Christmas trees up to 3 meters. My stands contains a lot of water. The Christmas Tree stand star and Christmas Tree Stand Deluxe contains 3,2 liter water depending on the stem. That's a lot compared to most stands. The reason is that it is so important that the tree is never without water. If that happens the tree will dry out and in many cases die. And my stands holds an enormous amount of water. Very affordable!
How to get the Christmas Tree straight
My Christmas tree stands has four flat screws as a fastening function, which makes it easier to get the tree stable and at the right angle. 
The stand has also a perfect weight so it will not fall and it is stable for all Christmas trees, including the thickest one - Nordmannia (except Stand Mini). Be calm.
Created with passion, knowledge and experience since 1973
We are proud to say that this is the market's best and probably best-selling Christmas tree stands.
Flat base
The base or the bottom of the vase is flat. Not conformed which is really terrible for the tree. No, my Christmas tree stands are flat in the bottom and it is easy for the tree to get water. 
And of course the design is something different. Matt metal in very careful chosen colors. I combine functionality with design and quality. Have you ever seen something similar?

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