How to: Grow Cucumber

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How to: Grow Cucumber - by Benson - Swedish Design

How to: Grow Cucumber

Cucumber is a nutritious and delicious crop that can also be a fun hobby to plant and care for!
In this guide, we'll go through some basic information on how you can succeed with your home-grown cucumber. There are many different varieties of cucumbers, and choosing your favorite one can be difficult, but reading the care instructions on the seed packet or plant is important to see which one suits your garden or balcony best. However, smaller plants may be better for balconies, as cucumbers like to climb and can grow very tall. Cucumber thrives in all kinds of containers, including pots, but it's best to choose a pot that holds at least 10 liters of soil so that the roots have plenty of space.
Cucumber thrives best in sunny environments, and since it consists of 96% water, it's important to water often and generously, but not too much to avoid root rot. It's also important to keep weeds away.


How to plant :

  1. Prepare the soil when outdoor temperatures guarantee frost-free nights.
  2. Fertilize and loosen the soil.
  3. Dig a hole in the soil deep enough for the entire root ball of the plant.
  4. Place the plant in the hole and cover with soil.
  5. Water until the soil is moist but not wet.
  6. Water often; the soil should never dry out.
  7. Keep an eye out for weeds and regularly remove them.


    What do I need to grow cucumbers?

    In addition to your seeds or seedlings, you'll need:

    • Hand Tool Spade Planting
    • Garden Hose Deluxe Set
    • Garden Markers
    • Hand Tool Weeder 

    Where can I grow my cucumbers?

    Cucumbers can be grown both in the ground and in containers, but they also thrive very well in greenhouses. If you're planting your cucumbers in a pot, it's important that it's large enough for the plant and its roots, and that you provide some support for it to climb on. The pot you choose should hold at least 10 liters of soil and have drainage holes at the bottom to allow water to flow through. If you're growing from seeds, it might be good to start in a smaller container and then transplant to your larger one later.

    How do I plant my cucumbers?

    If you're starting your cucumbers from seed, begin by sowing your seeds in a smaller container, and when the roots have filled the pot, you can move it to a larger one, preferably one that holds 10 liters of soil. It's also good to cover the plant and pot with plastic to keep the humidity high. You can also plant seeds directly outdoors, but it's important that the soil is warm enough and that there's no risk of frost. Also, check your seed packet to see if your seeds need to be started indoors first; some need a bit more time before they can be grown outdoors.

    When you're ready to plant your cucumber plant, start by preparing the soil. Begin by loosening the soil and adding fertilizer to give your cucumber the nutrients it needs. Cucumbers also don't like soil that's too compact, as it suffocates the roots. After this, you can dig the hole for your cucumber plant. Cucumbers also like warm soil, so it's better to plant them too late than too early. Make sure the hole is deep enough for the entire root ball, then place your plant in the hole. Cover lightly with soil and water until the soil is moist.


    How do I care for my cucumber plants?

    Once you've planted your cucumber, it's important to keep an eye on how it climbs and then help it by positioning the vines correctly against the stakes or trellis, so they climb upwards and not sideways. Also, keep an eye on weeds and remove them as soon as you see them, otherwise, they'll steal nutrients from your plants. If you're growing outdoors, it may also be good to cover them overnight to prevent them from freezing and to keep animals away.


    How should I water my cucumbers?

    Cucumbers like water, so water daily if possible, but make sure not to overwater to avoid root rot. Moist, not wet, is the main rule here. This can preferably be done with a hose with a spray nozzle, as it provides more even watering.


    When should I harvest my cucumbers?

    You'll know it's time to harvest your cucumber when it reaches the size promised in the instructions, and it's better to harvest it a little before it reaches full maturity as it will keep fresh longer. To harvest, gently pull the cucumbers off as soon as they are close to fully ripe to give the plant a chance to develop more cucumbers.

    Don't forget to remove the flower from your cucumber, otherwise, it can start to mold quickly.

    How should I store my cucumbers?

    A harvested cucumber is best stored in the fridge in a plastic bag.

    Good luck with your new cucumber cultivation!


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